Food is Medicine


I believe that nutrition is the most accessible tool for improving one’s health and well being.

Delicious Food

Food is not merely a substance to stave off hunger.

If you think of the whole body as a machine, food is the programming on which it runs. Our diet affects the body from the cellular to neurological level. Every component that is put in will have a reaction.

As a health-conscious anthropology student who has struggled with chronic fatigue and chronic pain, I’ve taken numerous approaches to eating well and sustainable meal prepping. After taking nutrition courses, being introduced to the keto diet and delving into the research around anti-inflammatory foods, I continue to be fascinated by the impact these changes make. From the inflammatory power of soybean oil (which now makes up more than 10% of the standard American’s calories) to the anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3s (olive oil, fish), and even the individual benefits of spices like turmeric and cinnamon, there is so much we can improve both physically and mentally by changing our diet. I also firmly believe that nutritional quality should not compromise taste, so each dish and recipe has been carefully crafted to be an exciting culinary experience.

My goal is to provide not only the best meal service to Buffalo, but a resource for health so that you can be your best self. We intend to provide a blog here for frequent nutrition and health related topics.

Josh Qualiana

- Josh Qualiana (Founder/Chef)

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